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  • Food & Water Watch - Michigan


    Food & Water Watch is working locally in Michigan to stop fracking, maintain public control of our water and to stop the misuse of antibiotics in farming. Food & Water Watch is working locall...more >
  • Forward Action Michigan (FAM) - Macomb County

    For like-minded women (and men if they would like to join as our compatriots) to share ideas, plan when needed and just generally commiserate on the state of affairs currently facing our country and s...more >
  • Fountain Street Church


    We are trying to become 'a House of Prayer for ALL people,' where we really mean 'ALL'. Fountain Street Church is about deeds more than creeds. About liberation more than salvation. About justice mor...more >
  • Genesee County NOW

    NOW chapters focus on six priority issues including reproductive rights, ending sex discrimination/constitutional equality, promoting diversity and ending racism, economic justice, stopping violence a...more >
  • Grand Rapids Community Organizing

    This is a group to come together as a greater community and support a number of causes. The purpose is to connect people interested in both organizing, and joining actions. To support the community ...more >
  • Grand Rapids NOW


    NOW chapters focus on six priority issues including reproductive rights, ending sex discrimination/constitutional equality, promoting diversity and ending racism, economic justice, stopping violence a...more >
  • Green Party of Michigan US


    A state political party, Green Party of Michigan, that works for the election of Green Party candidates and Green politics. We are an affiliate of the Green Party of the United States. State party web...more >
  • Grosse Pointe Democratic Club

    The Grosse Pointe Democratic Club is a local political and social organization that is chartered by the Michigan Democratic Party. We are a grassroots organization of the Democratic Party representin...more >


    HAVEN (www.haven-oakland.org) is a nonprofit promoting a world of safe, equal and accountable communities where sexual and domestic violence do not exist. By participating on this page you are agreei...more >
  • Houghton County Democratic Party


    Turn Houghton County Blue. Volunteer today. http://www.houghtoncountydems.org/Houghton_County_Democratic_Party/Volunteer.html Located in the heart of Michigan's Copper Country, Houghton County has a ...more >
  • Idle No More Michigan

    Idle No More is the voice of The People when it's not being heard. We fight for Mother Earth and Equality....more >
  • Immigration Action Coalition of UUAA

    Immigration Action Coalition of UUAA - supporting our immigrant neighbors and seeking immigration justice....more >
  • Indivisble Michigan 8th District- Ingham

    More Info at: http://indivisiblemi8.com/ https://www.facebook.com/IndivisibleMI8th/ https://twitter.com/MI8indivisible https://slotkin.house.gov/ We are the 8th congressional district Michigan bran...more >
  • Indivisible Advocates for Humanity Oceana/Mason

    Our mission is to support, defend and protect ALL human rights....more >
  • Indivisible Battle Creek

    We are a group of like minded people who are not content to sit idly by while this administration is destroying our country. We will work together to flip the House and Senate blue. Midterm elections ...more >
  • Indivisible Dexter

    Email us: [email protected] To sign up for our newsletter go here -> http://eepurl.com/cACVvj Dexter based group which meets and collaborates to RESIST hate and fight for progressive val...more >
  • Indivisible Downriver

    Our Mission for the next 4 years is that we will provide research and accessible information on how to peacefully protest and affect change to the current administrations policies in our community. We...more >
  • Indivisible ER

    Resisting Trump's agenda through the values of inclusion, tolerance and fairness...more >
  • Indivisible Grand Rapids

    The purpose of this FB page is to build community, educate Indivisible GR members, and to share information related to our goal to resist the Trump agenda. Please do not treat this page as your person...more >
  • Indivisible Grand Traverse

    We are a nonpartisan group that welcomes people of diverse political beliefs. We believe in respectful dialog, mutual support, and political action to further our ideal of effective and responsive gov...more >