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  • #ItsBiggerThanYou


    #ItsBiggerThanYou is an organization, that provides a platform to support positive social change. Our aim is to uplift, inform and empower communities using the agency of youth advocacy, and radical activism. We aim to teach from the ground up, to eradicate systematic oppression and disenfranchisement of people of color. Through education, awareness and empowerment within our communities. We choose to focus our beauty, power, and potential through sustainable methods of activism and revolution.

  • DeKalb Democrats

    DeKalb Democrats

    DeKalb County. We're working hard to turn Georgia blue!

  • New Georgia Project

    New Georgia Project

    Register, engage & advocate for the Rising American Electorate/New American Majority: African Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans, Women & Young People (18-29)

  • Indivisible Georgia

    Indivisible Georgia

    We are citizens of Georgia. We share progressive values and are united in opposition to the reactionary, divisive, dystopian Trump agenda.