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  • 350 Tucson

    Tucson, AZ

    Working with the Tucson Climate Action Network (TUCAN), we are engaged in a series of escalating actions to bring public awareness to Tucson's dependence on dirty coal. When there is a 350 specific ev...more >
  • ACLU of Arizona

    ACLU of Arizona

    Phoenix, AZ

    The ACLU of Arizona is the state’s premier guardian of liberty, working daily in the courts, the Legislature and communities statewide to defend and preserve individual rights and freedoms guaranteed ...more >
  • Aliento

    Phoenix, AZ

    Aliento is an undocumented & youth-led organization committed to organize people who are directly impacted by the unjust laws of immigration & provide community healing through art for those w...more >
  • Alliance4Action

    Green Valley, AZ

    Statement of Purpose: We are an alliance of progressive individuals in southern Arizona working to ensure a caring and inclusive country. We will act together to protect and strengthen our values, hum...more >
  • Arizona Disability Advocacy Coalition

    Phoenix, AZ

    The mission of AzDAC is to act as a catalyst to engage individuals with disabilities, their families and organizations that serve them in advocacy efforts that promote public policy which enhances the...more >
  • Arizona Education Association

    Phoenix, AZ

    With more than 20,000 members, the Arizona Education Association is the largest professional organization in Arizona. AEA was formed more than a century ago, in 1892, when a group of Arizona educators...more >
  • Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association

    Phoenix, AZ

    Just as Arizona's dedicated healthcare professionals serve as vital advocates for patients' health, the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association (AzHHA) serves as a powerful advocate for issues tha...more >
  • Arizona League of Conservation Voters

    Tucson, AZ

    The Arizona League of Conservation Voters (AZLCV) is a non-partisan organization working to mobilize voters, endorse and elect leaders, advocate on behalf of conservation measures, hold elected offici...more >
  • Arizona List

    Tucson, AZ

    Arizona List is a grassroots network supporting pro-choice Democratic women running for office in Arizona. Founded in 2004 by a group of women determined to organize and break the barriers for women c...more >
  • Arizona National Organization for Women

    Phoenix, AZ

    Arizona National Organization for Women (AZNOW) works to advance the equal status of women and girls in all aspects of their lives....more >
  • Arizona Nurses Association

    Tempe, AZ

    Since 1919, Arizona Nurses Association has helped nurses navigate an increasingly complex healthcare environment. AzNA is the largest and most widely recognized professional nursing organization in Ar...more >
  • Arizona Police Association

    Phoenix, AZ

    Through the combined effort and strengths of our member organizations, the APA is able to provide, at a very low cost, one large, amplified, law enforcement 'voice within our community. The main funct...more >
  • Arizona Stands


    Indigenous-led group aiming for the protection of sacred sites, indigenous, human/civil rights, with the initiative of individual and intertribal healing....more >
  • Arizona Students' Association

    Phoenix, AZ

    The Arizona Students' Association is an organization directed and funded by Arizona's public university students. ASA works to make sure that higher education in Arizona is affordable and accessible b...more >
  • AZ BLUE 2020

    Phoenix, AZ

    OUR GOAL IS TO TURN ARIZONA BLUE BY 2020.We will share strategies, tactics and actively engage in political actions to turn Arizona into a blue state by 2020. We will take action to promote freedom, l...more >
  • AZ Elections Reform

    Phoenix, AZ

    A group dedicated to working towards a more just and equitable method of electing national presidential candidates in the state of Arizona. This is a nonpartisan, effort and all are welcome to join, r...more >
  • AZ LD 15 Democrats

    Phoenix, AZ

    Arizona Legislative District 15 Democrats Upcoming events: http://azld15dems.org/ld15-events Twitter: http://twitter.com/azld15dems Arizona Legislative District 15 Democrats...more >
  • AZ LD 27 Democrats

    Tempe, AZ

    The official page for the Democrats of South Phoenix, Laveen, Tempe, Wild Horse Pass, and Guadalupe. We ensure that Democrats are elected to and enact the Democratic Party Platform all levels of gove...more >

    Phoenix, AZ

    AZResist Community Calendar - By the community, for the community! AZ RESIST covers social justice and Progressive politics across Arizona. Sourced from over 1100 grassroots, Progressive and Democrat...more >
  • Border Action Network

    Tucson, AZ

    Border Action Network is a human rights organization in border and immigrant communities. Our mission is to promote safety, equality, dignity, understanding and justice within the human environment an...more >