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  • A Way Home Washington

    A Way Home Washington


    A Way Home Washington is a growing movement dedicated to ensuring these young people receive the support, care, and resources they need to overcome these barriers. We have one goal: preventing and ending youth homelessness in Washington state.

  • Easy Activism

    Easy Activism

    Seattle, WA

    Daily actions to support and protect our American democracy. Daily actions to support and protect our American democracy.
  • El Comité

    El Comité

    Seattle, WA

    Educate, Organize, Mobilize. In December 1999, El Comite (Pro-Reforma Migratoria Y Justicia Social-formerly Comite Pro-Amnistia General Y Justicia Social) was organized as a grassroots organization in Seattle to draw attention to the plight of immigrant laborers in Western Washington. The group came together immediately following the massive protests against the World Trade Organization (WTO) that occurred in Seattle in late November 1999. Initial organizers included members of CASA Latina, LELO (Legacy of Equality, Leadership, and Organizing), the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, and the Carpenters' Union. One of the organizers' key considerations was the lack of representation within the WTO protests of Latinos, Chicanos, and the immigrant community in general. The group worked at first as a loose coalition and later, in April 2000, formed as an official organization. The group further allied itself with faith-based organizations, organized labor, and civil rights groups to give a marginalized Latino immigrant community a voice in organizing for social justice. 'Exigimos Porque Producimos (We Demand Because We Produce)' http://elcomitewa.wordpress.com/about/
  • Electrical Workers Minority Caucus

    Electrical Workers Minority Caucus

    Vancouver, WA

    Electrical Workers Minority Caucus of San Diego & Imperial Countiesis a 501 (C) 3 Non-Profit dedicated to empowering our community andencouraging minority workers to be greater activists in our community
  • Elk Indivisible

    Elk Indivisible

    Elk, WA

    Keep us up to date with the news that changes every 5 seconds.
  • Ellensburg Indivisible

    Ellensburg Indivisible

    Ellensburg, WA

  • Indivisible Eastside

    Indivisible Eastside


    Indivisible Eastside is a local chapter of the Indivisible Movement, inspired by the Indivisible Guide. The Indivisible Guide was written by a group of former Congressional staffers who witnessed the success of the Tea Party and turned their experiences into a practical guide for resisting Donald Trump’s agenda.

    Indivisible Eastside’s mission is to work effectively together within the Eastside region of metropolitan Seattle to 1) stop the Trump Agenda and 2) advance progressive and compassionate policies and government per the Indivisible Guide (www.indivisible.org).

  • Indivisible of Kirkland Washington

    Indivisible of Kirkland Washington

    Kirkland, WA

    Indivisible Kirkland is deeply committed to local action. We value a community where where all voices are heard, where hate has no place, where the sick and struggling are supported, where the planet is treated as precious, and where democracy is strong.

    We utilize all levels of government to implement this vision – federal, state, and local. Our group is actively engaged with the community: with our elected officials, with other organizations, with sister Indivisible groups, with businesses, and with concerned citizens looking for support.

  • Indivisible WA Enviro

    Indivisible WA Enviro


    We are a coalition of grassroots community groups in WA State dedicated to actions for the environment and using the strategies from the Indivisible Guide.

  • Northwest Immigrant Rights Project

    Northwest Immigrant Rights Project

    Seattle, WA

    Northwest Immigrant Rights Project keeps families together, protects people from violence, and takes injustice to court.

  • Resident Action Project

    Resident Action Project


    The Washington Resident Action Project (RAP) is a statewide resident base of power. RAP — a project of Washington Housing Alliance Action Fund and the Center for Community Change – has been building a powerful resident lead organization. As RAP members we are experts on Washington’s housing crisis, having persevered through the struggle to find and keep roofs over our heads. And now, we’re becoming skilled advocates and organizers who are ready to use our power.

  • SDP Puget Sound

    SDP Puget Sound

    Puget Sound, WA

    Official Twitter for the Puget Sound SDP. Working to flip state leg seats red to blue. The Sister District Project activates the power, passion, and creativity of volunteers to win elections and turn states blue.

  • Seattle CityClub

    Seattle CityClub

    Seattle, Washington

    Our mission is to inform, connect and engage the public to strengthen the civic health of our region. It’s our vision that, along with natural wonder, innovative business and vibrant culture, the Puget Sound region is defined by informed people engaged with their leaders in effective democracy.

  • Seattle for Everyone

    Seattle for Everyone

    Seattle, WA

    Seattle for Everyone is a broad coalition of affordable housing developers and advocates, for-profit developers and businesses, labor and social justice advocates, environmentalists and urbanists, all united to build an equitable, prosperous, thriving, and inclusive Seattle by ensuring that the benefits of the city’s growth are shared by all current and future residents – from those struggling with homelessness to wage-earners and families.

  • Seattle Indivisible

    Seattle Indivisible

    Seattle, WA

    Seattle Indivisible is a grassroots group focused on blocking the agenda of President Trump and the Republicans at the Federal level. It was founded as a Facebook Group on January 1, 2017 by two people, and has grown to over 2,000 members and a dedicated team of over 50 volunteers in less than a month.

    We are building a sustainable and long-term organized resistance to the Trump Agenda targeting our local Members of Congress (MoC) with the message that their constituents expect them to say “No!” to the Trump Agenda as loudly and as often as possible.

  • Seattle Neighbors

    Seattle Neighbors

    Seattle, WA

    Seattle Neighbors is a community space for sharing stories to build momentum for housing affordability in the city. Advocates for affordability across the city are creating film, photo, and graphic storytelling that helps refocus Seattle’s policy conversations on what matters most: the people who live here. The website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages, and the hashtag showcase these projects.

  • Seattle University Project on Family Homelessness

    Seattle University Project on Family Homelessness

    Seattle, WA

    At the Project on Family Homelessness, we work with advocacy partners across the region to help tell the stories of families who are homeless, and connect those stories to meaningful action. Take a look at some of our most recent projects — we hope you’ll find some fresh ideas for how you can work with us to make homelessness among families rare, brief, and one time only.

  • Sunrise Washington

    Sunrise Washington


    We are a movement of young people fighting climate change and creating a million good jobs in the process.

  • Swing Left WA08

    Swing Left WA08


    We need to flip Congress to hold Trump accountable. WA08 is winnable in 2018. Let's do it.