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  • #GetOrganizedBK



    A Brooklyn-based squadron of the Trump resistance army. Common ground for Brooklyn’s progressive activists to share events, actions and info for resisting Trump’s policies and defending our rights....more >
  • 2 Hours A Week

    2 Hours A Week


    We are a community fostering a new level of civic engagement following the 2016 election by offering you 2 hours a week of tangible action....more >
  • 40th Ward Alliance

    We are committed to bringing community voice to all decisions and issues that impact the 40th Ward....more >
  • 412 Resistance

    412 Resistance

    412 Resistance aims to resist any and all of the current administration's efforts that do not fall in line with the Unity Principles established by the Women’s March of 2017. Those principles can be f...more >
  • 4hours4years


    It's a simple commitment: 4 hours of service a week for the next 4 years. Come here to give time, share successes, support the work and spread the word....more >
  • 50/50 day

    50/50 day


    A global day of film screenings, discussions, and a global Q&A around how to get to a more gender-balanced world in all sectors of society, from the economy and politics to culture and home....more >
  • 53rd District Battlegroup

    We are the people of the fightin' 53rd Congressional District, indivisible, and we are not going to take it anymore!We have been shocked by the Trump administration's (in no particular order) corrupti...more >
  • 6th District of IL - Holding Rep Peter Roskam Accountable

    6th District of IL - Holding Rep Peter Roskam Accountable

    This is the public page for the group 6th District IL - Holding Rep. Peter Roskam Accountable...more >
  • 7 Minutes Of Justice

    7 Minutes Of Justice

    Offers 7 minutes of actions every day working towards justice Spend just 7 minutes every day working towards justice. Because the time for action is now. Because the world needs us. Because we are str...more >
  • 808RAN


    Oahu Indivisible People Power Resistance Group - Our group is committed to two guiding principles: Our group is committed to two guiding principles: 1. Engage and protect the constitution, defend hum...more >
  • A Few Good People

    We are a Progressive group who meets for an hour every week in our homes. Our mission is to contact our State and Federal Legislators and tell them how we feel about Government Issues....more >
  • A Gathering of Democrats

    This group was created to bring together people in Natchitoches who wish to become actively involved in resisting the elements of Donald Trump's presidency that subvert traditional Democratic values....more >
  • A-Team Indivisible Westfield

    It's lonely in Hamilton County. Sometimes being liberal or liberal leaning can feel like you're on an island. You aren't. It's just the mainlanders have larger voices. We dipped our toes in a huddle l...more >
  • A2D2

    This group was formed by concerned citizens to help us all become better citizen advocates and be effective in bringing issues forward in the political arena. Ground rules are as follows: -Admins rese...more >
  • ACE-Naperville



    Born out of the Women’s March in January, 2017, ACE-Naperville is a progressive, grassroots group based in the western suburbs of Chicago. Our main areas of concern include health, education, and welf...more >
  • Act 100

    Act 100

    This is a group for people committed to taking action during the 100 days leading up to the Midterms. We'll be suggesting actions, but feel free to take your own....more >
  • Act and Resist

    Rochesterians and Western NYers coming together to organize and take political action in the service of equality, justice, safety, and civil rights in this new presidential era, guided by the Indivisi...more >
  • Act Yakima

    A volunteer coalition of community organizers dedicated to the promotion of progressive values. They engage, advocate & empower their community into action A volunteer coalition of community organ...more >
  • Action 14th District Illinois

    This group was created by the people of the 14th Congressional District of Illinois in order to seek responsive leadership. We needed change and we made it happen! Lauren Underwood now represents US! ...more >
  • Action 180 Jersey City

    We are a group from Jersey City who want to change the world. We plan to resist and take action to bring our country back to a democracy....more >