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  • Internal Systems and Operations: Setting Up Your Team for Success

    From staffing to HR to finance reporting to compliance, good campaigns need strong systems in order to keep the trains running on time. This briefing will cover key tips for setting up strong systems and operations early on so that the candidates and campaigners are all set up for success.
  • Strategize Your City

    How can your organization become THE dominant force in city politics? This workshop introduces the basics of creating a long-lasting coalition that fills local government with true representatives of the people.
  • Take Over Your City in Five Steps

    By the end of this 5-session course, you will have a solid strategy to elect your own people to your city council and pass policies that favor the under-represented.
  • Intro to Taking Over Your City in Five Steps

    What does it take to "take over your city" and fill your city council with true representatives of the people?
  • Campus Empowerment Training: Running and Winning

    During this session, we will cover how to prepare for your student government campaign. This includes what to research, how to begin and the process of becoming a viable candidate. The trainers are Matt Cordeiro and Monique Teal.
  • Campus Empowerment Training: Groundswell

    The goals of this session include understanding slates and coalitions, choosing your slate, building relationships and making the ask. The trainers are Athena Salman and Monique Teal.
  • How to Build a Team

    Explore how individuals can discover their ability to lead. Learn types of leadership and organizing structures from Marshall Ganz, and build a toolkit based on how individuals across the world have launched their own teams.
  • Phone Banking 101

    Making calls is a huge opportunity to engage voters in important conversations about specific candidates, getting out the vote, and can even help with recruiting more volunteers.
  • Recruitment - All the Secrets Edition!

    Giving others the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than themselves and building lasting teams of volunteers is the cornerstone of what we do as organizers. Watch now to learn all the secrets to make you the best recruiter out there!
  • Safety and Security Training

    This vital course teaches you how to protect yourself and your news organization from hacking, digital attacks and censorship.
  • Digital Organizing - OFA's Campaign Organizing Bootcamp

    In this training you will: 1) Understand the unique role social media can play in sharing the story of your organizing online; and 2) Be able to tell the story of your work on social media.
  • Staging Locations - OFA's Campaign Organizing Bootcamp

    In this training you will: 1) Identify and internalize best practices for running an effective staging location; 2) Recognize the importance of a well-run staging location for success; and 3) Feel prepared to lead a get-out-the-vote canvass in your community.​​
  • GOTV Conversations - OFA's Campaign Organizing Bootcamp

    In this training you will: 1) Internalize and apply the GOTV framework for effective conversations when talking to sporadic voters; 2) Examine GOTV best practices; and 3) Feel excited to implement these practices with voters in your community.
  • Persuasion Conversations - OFA's Campaign Organizing Bootcamp

    In this training you will: 1) Learn the framework for effective persuasion conversations; 2) Practice using the framework for talking to undecided voters, and 3) Feel motivated to apply the framework to your organizing work.
  • Introduction to OFA's Organizing Bootcamp

    In this 5-part, self-guided training series, you'll gain the knowledge, skills, and motivation you need to be an effective volunteer for a candidate or an issue that you care about. Please review the Introductory Guide to help you understand the purpose of the bootcamp, and the learning that will occur with each training. Check out our Trainer Guide for step-by-step logistics to help you prepare to host your own bootcamp.
  • 198 Methods of Nonviolent Indirect Action

    Practitioners of nonviolent struggle have an entire arsenal of “nonviolent weapons” at their disposal. Listed here are 198 of them, classified into three broad categories: nonviolent protest and persuasion, noncooperation (social, economic, and political), and nonviolent intervention.
  • Overview of Nonviolent Direct Action

    Why we need to take direct action.