Troll Taming 101 with Jay Carmona

Let’s face it: Internet trolls are a problem.

They’re in our online spaces, and they want to sow discord, prevent discussion, planning, and action--and they’re getting more organized. Some believe nothing can be done about trolling, but nothing could be further from the truth. Our online communities are already very equipped to fight trolls on a daily basis, we just need to set up our systems and do a little organizing.

Trolls attack people based on race, gender and/or sexuality, silencing the people who are attacked and reinforcing the systems that we are trying to change.

This webinar covers tactics that work for bounded internet communities -- like Facebook pages and groups, website comment threads, discussion boards, and more. These tactics strengthen communities and empower network members to take back control of their online spaces.

Watch this webinar recording to:

  1. Understand what an internet troll is, how they behave, and the risks they pose to online communities--especially for marginalized community members
  2. Get empowered to use decentralized organizing principles, take control of your online spaces, and understand the steps to doing so
  3. Learn how to recruit troll tamers, set moderation principles and guidelines, and maintain your program
  4. Create processes and plans ahead of time in order to avoid and minimize disruption of trolls in online spaces