Street Team 101

There’s more to this than just setting up a table and waiting for people to come to you. You’ve got to know how to communicate, have clear goals and know what you’re talking about.

"Street Team 101" will teach you the basics of high-traffic canvassing, making you a more confident and effective volunteer. It's also a great resource for volunteer leaders and campaign staffers looking to train novice grassroots activists.

After watching the video, be sure to download the accompanying toolkit. These materials were created with the intent of deepening the learning experience by providing essential, comprehensive information. You'll find handy checklists, at-home practice guides, and more in-depth instruction about high-traffic canvassing, how to do it, and why it's effective. We've compiled a library of resources to give you everything you need to become, or train others on how to, become an expert high-traffic canvasser.

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