Strategize Your City

How can your organization become THE dominant force in city politics? This workshop introduces the basics of a new, proven way of organizing that elects true representatives of the people every election. In this workshop, The Incorruptibles guide you through the five key areas you'll focus on to build a strong grassroots movement to take over your city.

Our model for city organizing is based on the incredible success of the Richmond Progressive Alliance. For decades Richmond was controlled by Chevron, which had a large oil refinery there, to the extent that Chevron had a desk inside city hall. The RPA began in 2003, and over the course of a dozen years elected first one progressive, then two, and before long had the mayorship and a super-majority on the city council. These electoral victories happened despite Chevron spending over $3M in one election trying to defeat RPA candidates. Even more impressive, the people that RPA elected remained true to their campaign promises: they reduced the homicide rate by 75%, passed the first rent control law California in 30 years, and got over $100M in back taxes and fees from Chevron for city programs.

Your city can have this kind of success, too. The model has been proven to work in small towns, large cities, and even state-wide. This first course gives you the basics, and following courses focus on specific strategies and tactics.

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The Incorruptibles