Progressive Message Guidance

After an extensive survey process combining focus group surveys with traditional polling and online opinion research into the mood of the American electorate during the 2018 midterm elections, the Progressive Narrative Project has zeroed in on key findings as messaging recommendations for organizers, communicators, and other allies working on 2018 elections. In essence, this research has revealed a deep sense of anxiety among all voters over the deeply divided state of American politics, and intense frustration at a political and economic system stacked against everyday Americans strictly for the benefit of the wealthy and powerful, as well as the constant attacks on our communities and freedoms by Trump and Republicans. In response to growing chaos and division voters have expressed a desire for change, namely new leadership that will protect our communities and freedoms and work to unrig the economic system.

To address this sense directly, and motivate voters to show up in November to place a check on the Trump administration’s power, we identified three specific messages as most resonant and effective, out of any that we tested. By infusing these messages concretely into our public communications, we can ensure our outreach is maximally effective in motivating and mobilizing our audience to vote.