Healing Supper Guidebook

Healing Suppers has the potential to be many things - a resistance to the constant pull of work, organizing, protesting and stress of living with marginalization - by providing time to sit down, actually chew food, look into the face of others and share a time of rest and refueling. It can be an opportunity to build resilience by tanking up on nourishing conversation, healthy and delicious food (assign someone a salad!) and making or solidifying relationships. As we continue to move through a time of renewed public intolerance and hatred, a rapidly changing political landscape with real consequence and a need for stronger alternative networks -strong, dependable relationships, self-healing, and support for another, will bring a layer of support during times of more extreme struggle.

We invite you to gather a table of people you know who are yearning for a space for collective joy and maybe ... even refreshment and healing. We’ve pulled together everything you↵need to know to host your own supper—from pointers on how to create an inviting and intimate space to how to break the ice.