GOTV 101

GOTV stands for Get Out The Vote. GOTV campaigns happen in the last four days leading up to, and including, election day and is the most effective time for a campaign, with the help of dedicated volunteers, to boost voter turnout.

"GOTV 101" gives an overview of what to expect during this most crucial phase of a campaign. It's also a great resource for volunteer leaders and campaign staffers looking to prepare novice grassroots activists for their first GOTV experience.

After watching the video, be sure to download the accompanying toolkit. These materials were created with the intent of deepening the learning experience by providing essential, comprehensive information. You'll find sample scripts, at-home practice guides, and more in-depth instruction about the mechanics of a campaign's GOTV operation, effective GOTV voter contact methods and why they're effective. We've compiled a library of resources to give you everything you need to become, or train others on how to, become a GOTV super volunteer.

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