ATN Leaders Roundtable: Voter Registration Strategies and Best Practices

Progressive grassroots leaders from across the country present best practices and strategies for voter registration. Email [email protected] for copies of the resources discussed.

Featuring Dona Kim Murphey, Patty Mitchell, Sara Ridley, Anne Isenhower, and Andrea Catone with information from Martha Shockey of Indivisible Georgia 04.
Dona Kim Murphey is a physician scientist and digital and community organizer who spends half her waking hours creating a culture of civic engagement in Texas in an issues-specific way - namely, through healthcare, immigrants rights' and LGBT advocacy work. She founded Pantsuit Republic and works actively with Texas Organizing Project, Battleground Texas, Mi Familia Vota, United We Dream, the Reform Immigration for Texas Alliance, and Organización Latina de Trans en Texas as well as with elected officials and progressive candidates running for public office.

Anne Isenhower is a founding board member of 159 Georgia Together (, a progressive, nonprofit (501c4), grassroots volunteer group (the name comes from Georgia's 159 counties) with 18,500 members across the state.

Andrea Catone is the co-founder and Network Director of Action Together Network (ATN) and its Leaders Network.

Sara Ridley is a leader for Action Together Lakewood Area, formed November 2016 as well as a leader of OPAL: Ohio Progressive Action Leaders, a coalition of leaders of grassroots, resistance groups around the state, formed May 2017.

Patty Mitchell is a leader with Indivisible Contra Costa Voting Rights Action Group and one of the leads for Together We Will Contra Costa and OFA Contra Costa. Her super powers are communications and media, digital marketing and databases applications, training and facilitation. She was a student of the late great Senator Paul Wellstone of Minnesota. She's married to a naturalized US citizen and is a fierce defeater of democracy and civil rights. Her daughter is a journalist and photographer who spent months embedded with the activists at Standing Rock and in the Twin Cities Black Lives Matter community. What keeps her up at night is protecting voting rights and elections from racists, fascists and traitors.

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