ZOOZ at Northwestern

ZOOZ at Northwestern



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Northwestern's Jewish social action organization. We are Northwestern’s Jewish social action organization. We are a group of Jewish students dedicated to social justice advocacy and community service. We seek to ground our work in the guiding values and traditions of Judaism. We partner with progressive organizations and leaders in the Chicagoland area to address issues of injustice impacting our local communities. We offer direct action and educational initiatives and we develop on-site and off-site service projects with our partners. Additionally, we provide opportunities for students to explore the intersections of Jewish learning and social action through our year-long ZOOZ Fellowship. ZOOZ means “move” in Hebrew. We believe that most central to our identity as Jewish people is the necessity to constantly move forward in pursuit of a world that reflects the values of justice, community empowerment, and inclusivity that we hold dear. We remember the position of oppression from which our people have risen and recognize the powers we now hold. We seek to mobilize Northwestern’s Jewish community to address issues of oppression affecting our Evanston and Chicago communities. We believe in the power of young people to move the status quo. Join us.

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