Yuba Indivisible

Yuba Indivisible


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Boom! That's the sound our glowboxes made when the Indivisible guide landed late December '16 and inspired us with sweet and clear tactics for taking on the power structure by putting our local elected representatives' feet to the flames. If you haven't read it yet, start there to get the juices flowing.

'Former congressional staffers

reveal best practices for

making Congress listen': http://bit.ly/2j2k5ry

The plan is to begin using these tactics immediately to influence both our California delegation and our local Nevada County officials in the progressive direction.

We will organize digitally, meet in person, and work the roots with vigor. There are more tools to come, but for the moment we're here in a secret Facebook group.

Who we are

Concerned, powerful, united, ready for action progressives who live in northeastern California. If this is you, welcome. If this describes people you know, freely invite them.


We don't have any, yet.


To be decided by us collectively once there's a quorum.

Contact us: [email protected]

Activity status unknown.
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