Women's March Iowa

Women's March Iowa



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501c Nonprofit to conduct services, outreach and promote women's rights. Inspiring intersectional values to empower women to protect their rights. Nonpartisan advocacy on important issues facing women in Iowa. Robin Covington- President Kim Weaver- Vice President Nadia Ali- Vice President Yana Reid- Secretary Morgan Schutterle- Treasurer VISION Consistent with Iowa's inclusive history, we will create an environment that encourages education, solidarity, and tolerance. WMIA is bound to uniting our communities by creating new and progressive ideas through acceptance. We are committed to common people achieving uncommon success. The issues that affect one of us, affect all of us. Until the vision is realized we will continue to be a force of the implementation of our united principles. By doing so, we will continue Iowa's history of progressive inclusiveness. Join us. Have your voice heard. First and foremost, the Women's March Iowa (WMIA) is dedicated to the voices of Iowa women. We show up as passionate women who deeply value equality, justice, and human rights. We are especially impacted by these issues and our voices will be heard as we create solutions for Iowa Communities both Rural and metro.

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