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Women's March Florida is a 501c(4) Non-Profit, grassroots, progressive, mobilization network, inspired and created by the women who brought about the Women's March on Washington. The Central Florida Chapter serves the the I-4 corridor. We meet monthly on the second Saturday of each month at the First Unitarian Church of Orlando. We are made up of "Issues Groups" that focus on driving awareness, activation and legislation that will improve the lives of all members of our communities. We support the advocacy and resistance movements that reflect our multiple and intersecting identities. Women's March Florida is a grassroots progressive mobilization network inspired and created by the women who brought about the Women's March on Washington. Women’s March Florida Mission Statement Mission The Women’s Way Forward www.womenswayforward.com Drawing from the mission statement in The Women’s Way Forward, our model is structured around equality and diversity, and our determination as women and allies is to protect those most at risk and dehumanized by the White House and Congressional agendas. We believe that everyone suffers when women and our diverse minority communities of all ages suffer; be they comprised of African Americans, LGBTQIA+ People, Native Americans, Immigrant People of all Statuses, Disabled People, Survivors of Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault, as well as People of Muslim Faith and Other Religious Faiths. We believe that together we can defend Women’s Rights as Human Rights and that women make up the backbone and foundation of every community. We believe that our communities suffer when women suffer. We believe that women suffer when our communities suffer and when those most at risk are isolated, marginalized, attacked, and targeted by authoritarian governmental and corporate structures of discrimination, oppression, hatred, and bigotry. We believe that united together we can peacefully protect and defend ourselves, the environment, and the most vulnerable amongst us. We believe in us. We believe in the U.S. And WE ARE NOT AFRAID

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