Women Organize Michigan

Women Organize Michigan



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Progressive women around the state join together to plan our next move, to take stock, make an action plan, and show everyone we will not be intimidated. Women Organize Michigan Summit is a meeting of people who are committed to the following: 1) Addressing and furthering progressive causes that matter most to women. 2) Accessibility and inclusion. This group is committed to creating events that are open to all, and make attendance possible. Events will always be free and funded by donations and sponsorships. Child care will be provided at every event. A conscious effort will be made to give a platform to women from marginalized groups. Trans women are women, and are encouraged to participate. Men are also welcome to participate. 3) THESE EVENTS ARE DEDICATED TO ACTION! These summits will be a gathering for organizations and leaders to meet with large groups of people looking to volunteer and take action, and each participant will leave inspired, and with tangible actions they can take to further the causes they hold dear. Join Us! We are planning multiple events in multiple locations around the state of Michigan. If you can't make the first ones, please stay tuned for more to come through 2017!

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