West Virginians for Affordable Health Care

West Virginians for Affordable Health Care



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600 Leon Sullivan Way - Suite 215
Charleston, West Virginia 25323

Committed to affordable health care for all West Virginians... and doing something about it! The American healthcare crisis is no laughing matter for West Virginia. Politics and misinformation are threatening West Virginians' access to affordable care. If the cost of healthcare continues to rise at its current rate while citizens' access to affordable care continues to diminish, poverty and inequity will dramatically increase throughout all of America, especially in those regions already facing economic challenges. Support West Virginians for Affordable Health Care, and demand that health care be affordable for West Virginia and all Americans. WVAHC Guiding Principles: • Health care should be a right of citizenship or residency rather than a privilege of employment. • Our health care system should use limited resources wisely. • Health care cost containment is essential. • Communities, providers, and individuals all have important responsibilities to promote and protect health. • Quality health care depends on the conscientious, explicit and judicious use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of individual patients. [email protected] Tw: @wvahc West Virginians for Affordable Health Care was founded in 2005 by a diverse group of concerned citizens, who wanted to take action to work against the rising costs of health care. The costs of healthcare affect every American, every day. WVAHC seeks common ground and broad support in order to help West Virginians navigate and address this crucial issue, and to find solutions to the unsustainable American health care crisis.

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