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The Welfare Warriors are mothers and others who have joined together to make our voices heard in all policies affecting families in poverty. 414-342-6662 Welfare Warriors 2711 West Michigan Ave Milwaukee WI 53208 wmvoice (at) att(dot) net 414-342-6662 MOM's Line ~ Welfare Warriors MOMS Line, begun in 1990, teaches self-advocacy and organizing skills to about 800 moms a year. Mothers and Youth (MAY) Project~ The Welfare Warriors' Mothers and Youth (MAY) project, begun in 1995, brings together moms and their children to work for social justice while learning and developing new skills. It is an exciting way for families to work together, strengthening the family while building the community. MaGoD Project~ (Mothers and Grandmothers of the Disappeared Children) The MaGoD Project, was founded in 1992 to provide support and legal advocacy to moms whose children have been wrongfully removed by Social Services. This Project also works to change the practices and laws that allow the government to needlessly remove children from loving homes, their siblings, and their mother. Mother Warriors Committee~ Welfare Warriors' Mother Warriors Committee, the organizing branch of the Welfare Warriors, works locally and across the USA to give a voice to mothers and children to stop the war on the poor and to lobby for a Government Guaranteed Child support Program. We use music, public actions, street theatre, publications, marches and more to organize for social change. Mother Warriors coordinate actions with England's Wages for Housework, LA's Global Strike Network, and the National Women's Council of Ireland to the Global Women's Strike each year on March 8 to demand recognition of women's unpaid work. SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION Welfare Warriors publishes the Mother Warriors Voice, an international activist news journal put together by and for low income mamas. We would like to see many more subscriptions to the Voice to share the vital information of social change activism worldwide and to inspire hope. Subscriptions also help support our vital work, so we urge you to subscribe if you like the samples you see here and if you wish to support alternative media. The mainstream media reports selectively, particularly on social justice issues, so we ask all of you to support the peoples media and keep the information flowing free and true. Subscribe to the Voice by filling out the form below and returning to Welfare Warriors. Print this out and send along with cash, check or money order to: Mother Warriors Voice; 2711 W. Michigan; Milwaukee, WI 53208 $15 for an individual subscription, $25 for an organization or library or overseas, $5-$15 for low-income folks FREE to prisoners. Name:___________________________Phone:_____________ Address:___________________________________________ City:__________________________State:_______Zip:______ *the Voice makes a great gift, too! Remember your friends and loved ones with a subscription to the Voice! Welfare Mothers Voice Submission Requirements Published three times a year. We primarily accept articles from any mother who has ever had to depend on government benefits for her children's support or has struggled with the child welfare system. Articles must be based on experience, not theory alone, and reflect the truth in your life. Payment is a free subscription. We do no accept anything that will divide or weaken our community with bigotry against people of any race, size, age, gender identity, culture or sexual orientation. We want to share our knowledge and strength with each other, to validate each other, and support each other until the poverty community is strong and unified with a VOICE in all systems that affect our lives. We are angry and bored with the lies and stereotypes about moms whose children receive government child support (TANF) and moms who have been unjustly targeted for child removals. We will no longer remain silent. We will unite and fight for the lives of all mothers and children in poverty. We demand dignity. Send submissions by mail to: Mother Warriors Voice; 2711 W. Michigan Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53208 SOME OF OUR FIGHT BACK CAROLS... Oh Billionaires (Tune: 'O Tannenbaum' / 'Oh Christmas Tree') Oh billionaires, oh 1 percent It's time to pay your taxes You live like kings, you kill for bling We won't support your habits We will boycott all your stores, Banks, and drugs, and all your wars Oh billionaires, oh 1 percent It's time to pay your taxes Oh ruling class, oh 1 percent Why don't you pay your taxes You scheme and play and rob each day You prey upon the masses We will stop you every day We won't send a cent your way Oh ruling class, oh 1 percent Why don't you pay your taxes Oh CEOs, oh 1 percent It's time to pay your taxes You take our jobs, you run the mobs Your life resembles maggots We will buy from local stores We won't help you spend and horde Oh CEOs, oh 1 percent It's time to pay your taxes Oh patriarchs, oh plutocrats It's time you paid your dues You smile and lie, you occupy The minds of people, too We will boycott all your news A-and your mass media, too Oh patriarchs, oh plutocrats It's time you paid your dues Oh billionaires, oh 1 percent Why don't you pay your taxes Get out of town, we won't back down We'll occupy your assets We won't bomb your homes and lands Like you do to fund your scams Oh billionaires, oh 1 percent We just demand your taxes (Sung to the tune of 'Tavern in the Town') Welfare Warriors Song When Welfare Warriors come to town, come to town There's help for the mothers who are down, who are down They all take aim at the bureaucrats in power, Who duck, hide, run away and cower! (Chorus) Goodbye, guys we don't need you, And it's too much work to feed you, We'll move into all your offices and make rules fair! Moms with babies can stay home, can stay home, No more daily job-search on the phone, on the phone So get out quick before we kick your asses We're on our way to college classes! All the deadbeats will send checks, will send checks, Our private-eyes will find each ex, find each ex, And the moms need dough, so do not let them wait, Don't send support checks to the state! --Chorus Tuition for the mothers will be free, will be fee With day care provided for no fee, for no fee, Moms get honor, dignity, respect-- Which family values should reflect!-- Chorus We the people have the wealth, have the wealth To Guarantee every child's health, every child's health Change old laws and pass new bills Our children need security, not pills-- Chorus CPS Is Coming For You (to the tune of Santa Claus Is Coming to Town) Chorus You better watch out I'm telling you why CPS wants your Children, no lie CPS is coming for you They see you when you¹re struggling They know you stand alone With lies and ugly bigotry They remove your kids from home Chorus They take them when they're sleeping They take them from their beds They don't care if you're bad or good So get that through your head Chorus They like to take the babies As soon as they are born To sell to middle-class folks who Look down on you with scorn Chorus They organize a gang-bang To guarantee their pay The greedy cruel professionals Take screaming kids away You better fight back You gotta stay strong A trial will prove their stories are wrong Stop CPS from coming for you For more of our Fight Back Songs, go to http://www.welfarewarriors.org/fight-back_songs.htm

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