Virginia Prison Justice Network

Virginia Prison Justice Network

Contact: [email protected]

P.O. Box 299
Blacksburg, VA 24063

Since 1981 the Coalition for Justice has sought to bring groups and individuals in the New River Valley of Southwest Virginia together in order to nurture a grassroots movement for positive social change. Although CFJ was formed in response to the Reagan administration's support for the Salvadoran government's violent repression of progressive movements, we have come to take an intersectional approach and see that we are part of a larger human rights community where all people's struggles for peace, justice, and dignity must be observed and supported.

Any form of oppression cannot be viewed in isolation because all forms of oppression are connected. Be it classism, cisgenderism, nativism, colonialism, sexism, racism, homophobia etc., all forms of oppression exist at a cultural and institutional level and are connected by a common root: economic power and institutional control over people, animals, and the land. The control over resources, knowledge, power, wealth, force, and status is what connects all forms of oppression and the results are devastating. in order to successfully work against oppression, it is important to understand this interconnectivity. We are an organization that not only upholds the empowerment of people, the protection of the environment, and respect for cultural differences but are also committed to the struggle against all forms of oppression We do so in solidarity with other volunteer and grassroots organizations, through education, community involvement and action.

The Coalition for Justice has two chapters, one in Blacksburg and one in Roanoke.

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