Tennessee Conservation Voters

Tennessee Conservation Voters


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Nashville, TN 37212

Tennessee Conservation Voters (TCV) is a statewide non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of Tennessee's environment and preservation of the state's natural resources through effective legislative and administrative advocacy. TCV focuses its resources on making environmental protection a top priority for Tennessee's elected officals, political candidates and voters."Sponsorship: A legislator agreed to put his/her name on a bill or amendment as the sponsor. This usually means that they are in favor of the bill. +1 or -1 depending on whether the bill was pro- or anti-environment.Voting: If a legislator voted for a pro-environment bill or against an anti-environment bill, he/she got a +1. If he/she voted for an anti-environment bill or against a pro-environment bill, he/she got a -1.Legislators' net scores are the number of positive actions minus the number of negative actions.NOTE: Because many of the legislators were not on committees that considered environmental bills, the opportunities for getting positive or negative points varied. Legislators' scores should not be directly compared unless they had an opportunity to vote on the same bills.

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