Spiral Collective

Spiral Collective



Contact: [email protected]

P.O. Box 8574 110 East 31st Street Minneapolis, MN 55408
Minneapolis, MN 55408

The SPIRAL Collective is a volunteer full-spectrum reproductive options and support group comprised of doulas, birth-workers, and passionate reproductive justice advocates based in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, occupied Dakhóta territories. -We provide practical abortion support + community-based education. -We provide free, confidential, trauma-informed, sex/body-positive & community-based support in a variety of settings including but not limited to clinics, hospitals, & homes. -We provide all options pregnancy counseling, referrals, & trainings in the community. -We are focusing primarily on abortion doula**/companion work in & out of clinics & hospitals at this time. We maintain a active clinic partnerships with Planned Parenthood Vandalia Clinic, Whole Woman’s Health, & Family Tree Clinic. -For termination procedures, we provide transportation assistance to and from the clinic as needed.We provide loss doula support for clients experiencing fetal demise or fetal anomaly.

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