Social Justice Advocacy Project

Social Justice Advocacy Project


Social Justice Advocacy Project is an organization established to empower communities through family, education, criminal justice, health, and finances.

The value of the individual has been sold short. The humanity in each of us has been long forgotten. In the race for personal wealth and security, we have lost our way from community and have frankly never achieved equality. It is time we focus our attention away from our differences and start using our commonalities as stepping stones for progress. This starts by empowering individuals and educating communities. The Social Justice Advocacy Project, Inc. is a nonprofit organization with the mission of providing empowerment tools to disenfranchised individuals for better self-determination. By empowering individuals, we can expect more active participants in the community. By educating communities, we can provide an opportunity for these individuals to grow and live the best lives possible.

501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

We provide individual empowerment through legal clinics, mentorship, public speaking coaching, and financial literacy seminars. We provide community education through The Freedom Journal, community dialogues and dialectics, and community engagement programs. We are working to rebuild our communities to be safer, productive, and inclusive places to grow, raise our families, and retire.

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