Social Change Matters

Social Change Matters 'Keep Alive the Dream” is an educational, cultural, and historical event designed to celebrate and commemorate the life and example of Dr. King’s struggle and service. This program works to inspire local, state, and regional communities through participation in the 6-hour live program. Our live audience, media broadcasts, and print media coverage ensure a minimum exposure of 300,000 persons. Following the holiday event, local cable broadcast media have been authorized to re-broadcast the program during other parts of the year giving notoriety and recognition to artists, educators, elected officials, and “Lifetime Achievers.” As urban and rural communities become increasingly diverse and home to people representing a wealth of cultural differences, there is increased social pressure, which affects how we live, respond to, and interact with each other. This impacts our interactions and ability to communicate, whether with children and youth, adults or the elderly. Nowhere is this point more recognizable than within our public schools where young people struggle each day to recognize, appreciate, learn from, and respect their peers who now reflect a diversity of races, languages, religions, family experiences, and values. Our work is therefore rooted in a need to develop professional and academic programs that challenge perceptions about 'others,' which promote awareness and understanding of ethnic and cultural differences, and WAF, Inc. accomplishes this through linkages of schools and their communities in innovative activities. World Arts Foundation, Inc. has rooted the annual 'Keep Alive The Dream” tribute to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as a vital and practical tool, which meshes the rich arts, culture, and history of our community. World Arts Foundation, Inc. was established in 1978 in Portland, Oregon to promote and preserve African-American contributions to the American culture, and to support community education through the interface of arts and education in interactive, visual and performing media that showcases local and regional talent. World Arts Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit EQUAL OPPORTUNITY organization focusing on cultural diversity... through the promotion of visual, literary and theater arts.

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