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Retake Our Democracy

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Contact: [email protected]

P.O. Box 32464
Santa Fe, NM 87595

Retake Our Democracy is a volunteer-based non-profit organization committed to making personal and collective activism easier and more effective. Our goal is to build grassroots power to successfully advocate for social, racial, environmental, and economic justice at local and state levels.

Guided by the belief that lasting social change emerges from dedicated local activism, we engage, educate, organize, and activate people through trainings, actions, town halls, community meetings, and online alerts. We honor the knowledge and experience of communities across our state, and much of our work is informed by our commitment to listening to leaders from advocacy and service organizations that have been “on the ground” for many years. Retake’s unique contribution is to organize the skills, expertise, and financial resources of its volunteer advocates to support and advance the goals of these frontline activist organizations.

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