Puget Soundkeeper Alliance

Puget Soundkeeper Alliance



130 Nickerson St, Ste 107
Seattle, Washington 98109

Everyone has a right to clean water. Puget Soundkeeper protects and preserves the waters of Puget Sound by enforcing clean water laws, advancing policy solutions to protect our waterways, and engaging people who live here in stewardship and advocacy. Puget Soundkeeper Alliance is a member of the Waterkeeper Alliance, a global movement founded by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. We are a team of dedicated staff and community members whose mission is to stop pollution from entering Puget Sound. We patrol and monitor the waters of the Puget Sound on a weekly basis. In addition to on-the-water advocacy, Soundkeeper uses legal action to stop polluters in their tracks by invoking the citizens power to sue under the Clean Water Act of 1972. We pursue the Clean Water Act's goals on a daily basis through active engagement with businesses, government agencies and citizens. Soundkeeper also gets involved at many levels of government and legislation to toughen pollution standards. We appreciate the beauty and richness of the Puget Sound and are dedicated to its long term protection.

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