Heart of L.A. Democratic Club

Heart of L.A. Democratic Club


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We formed the Heart of L.A. Democratic Club in recognition of the growing awareness within the Democratic Party that women should be fully and equally represented both in the political community. Heart of L.A. Democratic Club is open to all Democrats who subscribe to our goals and purposes regardless of their gender identity.

The mission of the Heart of L.A. Democratic Club is be to make the Democratic Party, the body politic and its elected officials responsive to, and responsible for, the needs of all people, particularly, though not exclusively, women in our community.

We believe that we have a responsibility to ourselves and to society in general to affirm the role of women in the political arena. We are conscientious activists committed to stimulating advancement of feminist ideals through a combination of social fellowship, community involvement, and political activism.

We seek to eliminate discrimination based upon gender and gender identity / expression, real or perceived sexual orientation, race, age, religion and/or disability. We promote freedom of choice and human and civil rights; and further economic and social justice for all people. We support public policy to further these goals.

We will encourage and support feminist candidates for public office who are competent and qualified, and who are registered to vote as members of the Democratic Party.

We will engage and empower feminists in the Democratic Party through volunteerism, fundraising and outreach. We believe that this process will sculpt future leaders who are committed to feminist principles, thereby positively influencing our community, state and nation.

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