District 3 Indivisible Colorado

District 3 Indivisible Colorado



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A Resource Hub and Action Platform Uniting Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District for a Stronger America. Why We Exist... Because we support policies that protect the inalienable rights and freedoms afforded to all Americans by the Constitution of the United States Because we believe in respectful engagement - even when we disagree Because we support equality for all - regardless of race, religion, gender or ethnicity Because we are united against hypocrisy in government and believe that all elected and government officials should be held to the same standards regardless of party affiliation Because we believe that propaganda and rhetoric divide our nation rather than unite it Because we believe that the best leaders don’t just point out problems; they solve them Because we believe in policies that benefit citizens over corporate interests Because we believe in objective, verifiable scientific facts Because we believe in democracy and the rights of all Americans to participate in government Because we are global citizens and support leadership that works for the betterment of all humanity Because we support the truth D3 represents a progressive platform that joins farming and ranching communities with rural landscapes, small towns and resort destinations. Our constituents are united by a love of the west and the lifestyles that are integral to our heritage. Together, we advocate for common sense policy that upholds the pillars of our Constitution by working collaboratively with like-minded organizations across Colorado and the nation.

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