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DemCast is focused on the Digital Infrastructure. Founded in 2019 as a hub for digital activism with an emphasis on elevating the voices of the grassroots. Since our inception, DemCast has partnered with organizations on the ground to help amplify and elevate the work, stories and passion of the not only the organizations, but every day people. We recently launched the Focus 14 program, where we are directing activists to work on the 14 most critical swing states heading into the 2020 election, with an emphasis on flipping the Senate, keeping the House and flipping State Legislatures. With COVID changing how traditional campaigns work, DemCast has teams in all 50 states, in addition to ramped up teams in our Focus 14 states, sharing digital content, calls to actions and elevating the voices of our candidates. DemCast is also part of a coalition of organizations working on election security and protecting the vote.

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