Birmingham Indivisible @

Birmingham Indivisible @ “Indivisible” is a nationwide nonpartisan organization working to resist the Trump Agenda in communities across the country. Our local group, “Birmingham Indivisible”, was formed in the weeks after Trump’s inauguration to act against Donald Trump and his allies here in the Birmingham area. Our strategy is to oppose Trump’s Agenda through protest and other actions in addition to supporting local politicians and political groups who are also opposed to Donald Trump and his movement. This page is dedicated to providing our members with up-to-date information about local events and activities that they may be interested in participating in. Birmingham Indivisible will ensure that all that all current activities that we are aware of are posted as soon as possible so that our members can respond as quick as they can to critical issues. Members are also encouraged to share information about any events that they are aware with the rest of the group on this page.

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