Action Together Massachusetts

Action Together Massachusetts


Action Together Massachusetts (ATMA) is a women-founded and women-led organization working to support and strengthen the ideals of American democracy. Our goal is to create a politically and socially engaged community that holds itself, elected officials, and institutions accountable for fulfilling the promise of our diverse, democratic nation.

To achieve this, we provide and encourage a variety of civic and legislative actions, connect members with events, resources and training opportunities, establish regular contacts with legislators and other decision makers, and work in all ways to ensure our collective voices are heard from the workplace to the halls of Congress.

The ATMA network includes nine regional groups that span the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as well as a statewide group that includes members from each region.

Across our regional groups, ATMA’s work is centered on four priorities:

  • Connect and share as a community
  • Network to build partnerships and alliances with each other, existing progressive groups, and our local, state and national legislators
  • Learn about issues, legislation and opportunities for action
  • Act in order to make a real impact and improve our Commonwealth and our nation

In all areas, ATMA stands for equal rights, religious tolerance, freedom of the press, science, inclusivity, social justice, economic freedom, and fundamental human decency.

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