Action Illinois

Action Illinois

ACTION ILLINOIS - a progressive advocacy organization focused on effective action to protect our democracy for today and tomorrow.


Action Illinois is a grassroots 501c4 organization led by Deborah Bandy and Jennifer Camille Lee with a 14 member Advisory Board committed to using effective action to support progressive causes on the city, state, and national level. We formed in the immediate aftermath of the November 2016 election as an off-shoot of Pantsuit Nation, ultimately becoming an independent organization. We aim to build a lasting organization that strives for a transformed world where equity, justice, and human rights are upheld for all.

We define effective action as strategic actions that provide structure in moving us forward towards a more progressive democracy and can be qualified as steps that use our collective power to produce results. (In other words we want to get stuff done.)

To achieve these ends, we are committed to building collective power aimed at short-term wins and long-term structural change. We will contribute to this larger goal by building a strong base capable of executing strategic actions, providing advocacy education, amplifying diverse voices in our community and promoting leadership development.

We recognize that large scale change takes place through coalition building, and where our goals align for progressive change, we plan to collaborate with diverse communities and organizations by building authentic relationships rooted in trust and mutuality.

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