Jan 1, 2018

Check Out the Electoral Resources Guide

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Winter 2018

Learn more about out the ACLU’s Voting Rights Initiatives, such as signing and amplifying your support for the Voting Rights Advancement Act.

Familiarize yourself with voting restrictions and major litigation that could impact voting access with help from the Brennan Center.

If you had elections in November, debrief on your experiences with your group members to see what you can learn for 2018.

Start planning now for Spring fundraisers (see Spring 2018 for some ideas).

Research the candidate landscape so you can coordinate civic education forums in the Spring to help your group members learn more about who is running as well as get them excited about the upcoming races.

Encourage members of your groups to:

  1. Find out who is running for offce and begin volunteering for and donating to candidates that they support
  2. Research the time and location of local government meetings and attend them to understand the issues being discussed in your community
  3. Consider running for local offce with the help of Emerge, She Should Run, Emily’s List

Support the Brennan Center’s Automatic Voter Registration Initiative.

Spring 2018

Host a local Gerrymandering 5K to raise awareness and funds simultaneously! Similar events will be held across the country this spring!

Host local candidate forums and debates either in-person or online via video for your community

Check out MoveOn.org to volunteer for a set of down ballot candidates they are endorsing

Use Demand The Vote to find important deadlines for elections in your state so you can educate your community about where and how to vote

Summer 2018

Host house parties to raise money to to support organizations that work to register, educate, and mobilize unlikely voters

Train your group members and neighbors to phone bank, canvass, and peer-to-peer text

Fall 2018

Hit the phones and the streets using those skills you honed over the summer!

Make canvassing, peer-to-peer texting, and phone banking a group activity

Use carpoolvote.com to encourage volunteers to sign up to drive people to the polls and provide outreach to those who might need a ride

Vote together! Making voting a group activity so you can hold each other accountable for showing up