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  • Annie's List

    Annie's List

    Annie’s List supports progressive women candidates who are committed to advocating for women and their families. Our six pillars include championing for reproductive rights, affordable and accessible health care for all Texans and prevention of violence against women and children.

  • American Family Voices

    American Family Voices

    American Family Voices serves as an umbrella group that helps foster a broad network of organizations – including civil rights, environmental, women’s rights, consumer advocacy and health care organizations, and multi-issue think tanks – and build their infrastructure, both in the field and in communications.

  • American Bridge

    American Bridge

    American Bridge 21st Century is a progressive research and communications organization committed to holding Republicans accountable for their words and actions and helping you ascertain when Republican candidates are pretending to be something they’re not.

  • America Will Be

    America Will Be

    We are a diverse group of Americans who advocate to protect our liberal, tolerant values, and to help the middle and working class. Our main goals are to fight back against media complacency, especially in their false equivalency and failure to report Trump's scandals and to contact our elected representatives and encourage them to respect the centuries-old democratic values of America.

  • Action Together Zurich

    Action Together Zurich

    A community of progressives, mostly American and Swiss, based in Zurich. We're not too far away from the US to resist!

  • Blue New World

    Blue New World

    A grassroots organization for activists to connect, gather info, take action to promote a truly Progressive platform and create an effective ground game nationwide.

  • Action Together Rochester

    Action Together Rochester

    We are the organizing arm for civic action in Rochester. We strive to protect our democracy, persist in the face of adversity, and promote a progressive agenda.

  • Desert Progressives Indivisible

    Desert Progressives Indivisible

    As a non-partisan, issues-based group, our purpose is to creatively inform, connect and inspire people to work for human rights. These include affordable health care, quality public education, a welcoming and fact-based immigration system, women’s rights, racial justice, a clean and safe environment and more. Our goals are to stand up for our values with concrete actions and to elect candidates who will energetically champion social justice and the rights of all people.

  • 2 Hours A Week

    2 Hours A Week

    We are a community fostering a new level of civic engagement following the 2016 election by offering you 2 hours a week of tangible action.

  • Save My Care

    Save My Care

    Save My Care is a movement to bring together families, advocates and health care providers to protect the health and financial security of all Americans.

  • Freedom Cities

    Freedom Cities

    Freedom Cities demand that our communities have the resources they need to thrive. It’s about making entire cities, towns, and communities safe for immigrants, Black people, Muslims, workers and all oppressed communities. We believe we all deserve to live with dignity and have the opportunity thrive without fear of physical or economic violence at the hands of the corporations, vigilantes or government.

  • Always Forward

    Always Forward

    On the front lines of the war of ideas, we build tools to help you tell powerful stories about candidates and issues. Weaponized AI propaganda for good!

  • Suit Up Nebraska

    Suit Up Nebraska

    We are a gathering of independent, non-partisan, women-led Nebraskans who are dedicated to the promotion of respect, equality, tolerance, understanding, diversity, and unity through political activism, research, education, economic empowerment, advocacy, and inter-community dialogue.

    We seek to unify all Nebraskans; to mobilize, engage, educate and affect change through positive, peaceful storytelling and activism, benefiting those left vulnerable or disenfranchised by an inequitable political environment.

  • Albert Einstein Institution

    Albert Einstein Institution

    The mission of the Albert Einstein Institution is to advance the worldwide study and strategic use of nonviolent action in conflict.

  • International Center on Nonviolent Conflict

    International Center on Nonviolent Conflict

    ICNC focuses on how ordinary people wage nonviolent conflict to win rights, freedom and justice.

  • The Ruckus Society

    The Ruckus Society

    The Ruckus Society is a multi-racial network of trainers dedicated to providing the necessary tools, preparation, and support to build direct action capacity for ecological justice and social change movements. We work with Indigenous communities and other communities of color working to preserve their homes and environments and for climate justice.

  • Trapese Popular Education Collective

    Trapese Popular Education Collective

    TRAPESE stands for ‘Taking Radical Action through Popular Education and Sustainable Everything!’ Our work involves interactive workshops, games, films, trainings, and action/campaign planning sessions. We also produce resources and write on various issues. We aim to provide opportunities for children, young people and adults to explore the big issues of our time. We focus on practical steps to inspire, inform and enable action, and how to develop workable alternatives. We are a not for profit collective motivated by a passionate belief in the power of learning together.

  • Immigrant Families Together

    Immigrant Families Together

    Immigrant Families Together is a network of Americans committed to rapid response unification of families separated by the 'zero tolerance' policy.