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  • Together We Will Albany Berkeley

    Together We Will Albany Berkeley

    We are a local group, supporting each other in ongoing non-violent activism to protect our democracy and resist the Trump agenda.

  • Poll Town

    Poll Town

    Poll Town is a public opinion marketplace where you can discover what people are thinking. Our mission is to invigorate democracy by giving citizens a voice on important issues. By making it simple and fast for people to participate, we open up a whole new level of collaboration and civic action. The first version of our platform was launched in 2013 as Townhall Social, a Facebook app with a single-question survey that could be easily shared across social media. Our focus has always been to solve the problem of low participation in government outreach. Over the following years we helped over 80 government and community organizations in North America, Africa, Asia, and Australasia reach and engage people in decisions that impact them.

  • Rapid Resist

    Rapid Resist

    Rapid Resist recruits activists fighting the worst of Donald Trump's agenda and encourages them to run for office. We were the largest peer texting operation in the US in 2017. Rapid Resist supports front-lines progressive leaders in rural and conservative areas. We do so to protect those that are most at risk and tangibly improve the lives of those left out of economic progress. We are critical infrastructure that amplifies activist leaders’ voices, creates new connections for them, and helps the progressive movement build power in underserved areas.

  • Asian Pacific Environmental Network

    Asian Pacific Environmental Network

    All people have a right to a clean and healthy environment in which their communities can live, work, learn, play and thrive. Towards this vision, APEN brings together a collective voice to develop an alternative agenda for environmental, social and economic justice. Through building an organized movement, we strive to bring fundamental changes to economic and social institutions that will prioritize public good over profits and promote the right of every person to a decent, safe, affordable quality of life, and the right to participate in decisions affecting our lives. APEN holds this vision of environmental justice for all people. Our work focuses on Asian and Pacific Islander communities.

  • Caring Collectively for Women Prisoners

    Caring Collectively for Women Prisoners

    CCWP is a grassroots social justice organization, with members inside and outside prison, that challenges the institutional violence imposed on women, transgender people, and communities of color by the prison industrial complex (PIC). We see the struggle for racial and gender justice as central to dismantling the PIC and we prioritize the leadership of the people, families, and communities most impacted in building this movement.

  • Indivisible Stanford

    Indivisible Stanford

    Inspired by , Indivisible Stanford is comprised of students, faculty, and staff at Stanford University and the local community.



    CODEPINK is a women-led grassroots organization working to end U.S. wars and militarism, support peace and human rights initiatives, and redirect our tax dollars into healthcare, education, green jobs and other life-affirming programs.

  • Climate Defense Project

    Climate Defense Project

    The climate movement needs climate lawyers. Climate Defense Project fills a gap in the legal landscape by supporting front-line activists, pursuing climate impact litigation, and connecting attorneys with communities and campaigns. CDP’s three co-founders are recent Harvard Law School graduates. As law students, they brought the first fossil fuel divestment lawsuit, Harvard Climate Justice Coalition v. President and Fellows of Harvard College. Since graduating, they have continued to work toward a stable climate for present and future generations.

  • Center for Story-based Strategy

    Center for Story-based Strategy

    Center for Story-based Strategy (CSS) is a national movement-building organization dedicated to harnessing the power of narrative for social change. We offer training and strategic support to social justice organizations and alliances to change the story on the issues that matter most.

  • Catalyst Project

    Catalyst Project

    Catalyst Project helps to build powerful multiracial movements that can win collective liberation. In the service of this vision, we organize, train and mentor white people to take collective action to end racism, war and empire, and to support efforts to build power in working-class communities of color.

  • California Reinvestment Coalition (CRC)

    California Reinvestment Coalition (CRC)

    CRC builds an inclusive and fair economy that meets the needs of communities of color and low-income communities by ensuring that banks and other corporations invest and conduct business in our communities in a just and equitable manner.