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  • Tallgrass Seniors Indivisible

    A group of concerned senior citizens primarily residing at Tallgrass Creek Retirement community that are committed to remaining focused on and vigilant to the Trump administration's rather caviler and...more >
  • The resistance of SEK

    The resistance starts today! This is a group to organize a grassroots effort to oppose the Trump agenda from day one. Please feel free to add like minded people from south east Kansas and south west M...more >
  • The Salina Resistance

    We are standing up against Washington's assault on human rights, economic rights, health care, education, and the Earth's climate, and to promote peaceful, respectful relations with all human beings w...more >
  • Topeka Indivisible

    We are Topeka Indivisible, an action focused group that recruits local activists and organizes events. We utilize the precise tactics of the Indivisible guide to the best of our abilities. We will s...more >
  • Topeka's "Our Revolution / Kansas Loves Bernie

    Our Revolution is a natural progression from "Kansas Loves Bernie," which sprung from our campaign for Sen Sanders' and his philosophy of a Democratic Socialistic government...more >
  • True Blue Women

    True Blue Women gathers progressive women to provide education, advocate social change and promote camaraderie. True Blue Women began in Overland Park, Kansas after the November 2004 election. Dishea...more >
  • Trust Women

    Trust Women opens clinics that provide abortion care in underserved communities so that all women can make their own decisions about their health care. Trust Women Foundation is a leading reproductiv...more >
  • Wichita NOW


    NOW chapters focus on six priority issues including reproductive rights, ending sex discrimination/constitutional equality, promoting diversity and ending racism, economic justice, stopping violence a...more >
  • Women's March -Air Capital- Wichita Kansas

    From the women's march on air capital. This page is to keep us informed, empowered and up-to-date to focus on our next steps forward. Keep the momentum!! In Solidarity with all of our brothers and si...more >
  • Women's March Kansas

    This is an INCLUSIVE march, is FREE to join and EVERYONE who supports women's rights are welcome. >> FOLLOW THESE GROUPS << A Call A Day from LKF https://www.facebook.com/group... Black Li...more >