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  • 2 Hours A Week

    2 Hours A Week


    We are a community fostering a new level of civic engagement following the 2016 election by offering you 2 hours a week of tangible action....more >
  • ACE-Naperville


    Naperville, IL

    Born out of the Women’s March in January, 2017, ACE-Naperville is a progressive, grassroots group based in the western suburbs of Chicago. Our main areas of concern include health, education, and welf...more >
  • Act 100

    This is a group for people committed to taking action during the 100 days leading up to the Midterms. We'll be suggesting actions, but feel free to take your own....more >
  • Action for Justice IL

    Action for Justice IL

    Fox Valley, IL

    We are a grassroots organization dedicated to taking meaningful action for positive change. IL14/6....more >
  • Action NC

    Action NC

    Charlotte, NC

    Action NC’s mission is to confront and reduce the root causes of poverty, underdevelopment, and social and economic inequality through grassroots education, training, organization and mobilization. We...more >
  • Action Together Rochester

    Action Together Rochester

    Rochester, NY

    We are the organizing arm for civic action in Rochester. We strive to protect our democracy, persist in the face of adversity, and promote a progressive agenda....more >
  • Action Together Zurich

    Action Together Zurich

    A community of progressives, mostly American and Swiss, based in Zurich. We're not too far away from the US to resist!...more >
  • Albert Einstein Institution

    Albert Einstein Institution

    East Boston, MA

    The mission of the Albert Einstein Institution is to advance the worldwide study and strategic use of nonviolent action in conflict....more >
  • AllOfUs



    As a new movement fighting back against Donald Trump and the hatred and greed poisoning our politics, your support is critical. We refuse to allow Donald Trump and a corrupt ruling class to divide us ...more >
  • Always Forward

    Always Forward


    On the front lines of the war of ideas, we build tools to help you tell powerful stories about candidates and issues. Weaponized AI propaganda for good!...more >
  • American Indivisible

    American Indivisible


    American Indivisible was created to respond to the Trump presidency. We are excited by momentum on the political left and the rational Never-Trump right, in particular by the sea of political and comm...more >
  • Anti-Racist Action-Los Angeles/People Against Racist Terror (ARA-LA/PART)

    Anti-Racist Action-Los Angeles/People Against Racist Terror (ARA-LA/PART)


    ARA-LA/PART is an anti-racist and anti-fascist organization that has helped build multiple coalitions over 30 years in L.A. and Southern California to oppose organized white supremacy, mass incarcerat...more >
  • Arise Larchmont Indivisible

    Arise Larchmont Indivisible

    Larchmont, NY

    Indivisible group working to resist Trump's agenda. Holding our legislators accountable in Westchester 7th and NY 16th and 37th....more >


    ART NOT WAR is a New York / Los Angeles based cultural impact & PR firm, specializing in social justice movement building and digital strategy. Our team has spent 20 years making high impact media...more >
  • Blue New World

    Blue New World

    A grassroots organization for activists to connect, gather info, take action to promote a truly Progressive platform and create an effective ground game nationwide. ...more >
  • Cincinnati Indivisible

    Cincinnati Indivisible

    Cincinnati, OH

    Cincinnati Indivisible is a youth led and youth formed nonprofit organization dedicated to opposing the Trump agenda in the Cincinnati region....more >
  • College Democrats of Illinois

    College Democrats of Illinois


    College Democrats of Illinois is an organization of student activists dedicated to electing experienced, hardworking Democrats to local, state, and federal office in Illinois. CDIL is dedicated to fig...more >
  • Democrats.com



    Democrats.com is the original online news and community site for progressive activists, with over 4 million supporters. We stand for jobs, justice, healthcare, education, the environment, and peace. W...more >
  • Desert Progressives Indivisible

    Desert Progressives Indivisible

    Phoenix, AZ

    As a non-partisan, issues-based group, our purpose is to creatively inform, connect and inspire people to work for human rights. These include affordable health care, quality public education, a welco...more >
  • Flip NY24

    Flip NY24


    A movement to elect a Democrat to represent the people of NY24. We will work to educate voters and provide resources to GOTV....more >