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  • Open Progress

    Open Progress

    Open Progress' mission is to end the hold of big money on our government - reaching one citizen at a time. We imagine a world where our leaders are honorable and authentic. Where government is beholden to regular people, not only to the super rich. We believe that every citizen's voice should be heard, and counted.

  • Vote Forward

    Vote Forward

    Sending a Vote Forward letter is one of the easiest things you can do. It takes two minutes and one stamp, and meaningfully increases the odds that the recipient will vote. A concrete action you can take, no matter where you live, to get unlikely-to-vote registered Democrats to the polls in November.

  • Brennan Center for Justice

    Brennan Center for Justice

    The Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law is a non-partisan public policy and law institute that focuses on the fundamental issues of democracy and justice. Our work ranges from voting rights to campaign finance reform, from racial justice in criminal law to Constitutional protection in the fight against terrorism. A singular institution — part think tank, part public interest law firm, part advocacy group — the Brennan Center combines scholarship, legislative and legal advocacy, and communications to win meaningful, measurable change in the public sector.

  • Rise and Resist and Vote

    Rise and Resist and Vote

    Rise and Resist was formed in response to the 2016 U.S. election. We are a direct action group made up of both new and experienced activists committed to opposing, disrupting, and defeating any government act that threatens democracy, equality, and our civil liberties. We work collaboratively, creatively, respectfully, and with all the joy we can muster for the health of the people and the planet.

  • We Can't Breathe

    We Can't Breathe

    We Can't Breathe Political Action Committee’s primary goal is to educate, organize, and engage millennial voters, who are projected to make up 40% of the voting pool by 2020, but who are disenchanted with politics because they feel their voices go unheard. We aim to create an effective, amplified, and focused voice to advance our shared priorities in the local and national political arena.

  • Florida Black Youth Vote

    Florida Black Youth Vote

    Black Youth Vote! is a broad based coalition of organizations and individuals committed to increasing political and civic involvement among black men and women aged 18-35.

  •  Foot Soldiers for Democracy

    Foot Soldiers for Democracy

    Foot Soldiers for Democracy, an initiative of Black Youth Vote!, will recruit and train minority youth to serve as poll workers and poll monitors.

  • The National Coalition- Black Youth Vote

    The National Coalition- Black Youth Vote

    The National Coalition strives to create an enlightened community by building institutional capacity at both the national and local levels that provides and develops African American leadership. By educating, organizing and mobilizing citizens in our communities, the Coalition seeks to encourage full participation in a barrier-free democracy. Through educational programs and leadership training, the Coalition works to expand, strengthen and empower our communities to make voting and civic participation a cultural responsibility and tradition.

  • TX Black Democrats

    TX Black Democrats

    Statewide vision and voice of Black Democrats in Texas. Chapters in Austin, Beaumont, Brazoria, Dallas, Denton, Ft Worth, Houston, Kileen, Tyler, and Corpus. Getting blacks elected & engaged in the Texas Democratic Party. We encourage debate, ideas & exchange on issues that matter.

  • UniteBlue Texas

    UniteBlue Texas

    UniteBlue works to connect the left with messaging, community building, technology, and organizing.

  • Swing Left TX 32

    Swing Left TX 32

    Grassroots organization set on turning TX-32 blue. Control of the House in 2018 will be decided by a handful of Swing Districts, places where the last election was decided by a thin margin. TX-32 is winnable for Democrats in 2018!

  • SwingLeft ME2

    SwingLeft ME2

    Swing Districts are places where the winner of the last House of Representatives election was determined by a thin margin. Swing Left helps you find and commit to supporting progressives in your closest Swing District so that you can help ensure we take back the House in 2018.

  • Swing Left SGV

    Swing Left SGV

    We are volunteers dedicated to flipping red districts blue through outreach, education, registration and getting out the vote. Fired up and ready to go in San Gabriel Valley, we are getting busy to GOTV. It starts with the House.

  • Swing Left WA08

    Swing Left WA08

    We need to flip Congress to hold Trump accountable. WA08 is winnable in 2018. Let's do it.

  • Swing Left Va 10th

    Swing Left Va 10th

    Committed to turning Virginia's 10th Congressional District blue on November 6, 2018.

  • SwingLeft CA49

    SwingLeft CA49

    SwingLeft CA49 is a group of San Diego residents who want to shift the balance of power in congress by helping elect a democrat to CA-49.

  • Voter Rights Action

    Voter Rights Action

    Protecting and defending voting rights around the country.

  •  Revive My Vote

    Revive My Vote

    William & Mary Law School students and faculty, along with the Williamsburg Bar Association, started Revive My Vote in 2013 to help eligible Virginians regain the right to vote. Revive My Vote is a nonpartisan project that provides free and confidential assistance to anyone interested in restoring their right to vote. Revive My Vote is grateful to the Knight Foundation for financial support and to the Rights Restoration Office in Richmond for its cooperation.

  • Get Out The Native Vote

    Get Out The Native Vote

    Get Out The Native Vote is a non-partisan effort in Alaska to mobilize Alaska Native and American Indian voters.