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  • America Votes

    America Votes

    Washington, DC

    America Votes is the coordination hub of the progressive community, working with over 400 state and national partner organizations to advance progressive policies, win elections, and protect every Ame...more >
  • Brennan Center for Justice

    Brennan Center for Justice

    New York, New York

    The Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law is a non-partisan public policy and law institute that focuses on the fundamental issues of democracy and justice. Our work ranges f...more >
  • Brooklyn Voters Alliance

    Brooklyn Voters Alliance

    Brooklyn, NY

    Brooklyn Voters Alliance is dedicated to making democracy work for all New Yorkers. We want to ensure open and fair elections and encourage informed, active participation in our government. We seek to...more >
  • Campus Vote Project

    Campus Vote Project


    In 2012, Fair Elections Center (formerly Fair Elections Legal Network) launched Campus Vote Project (CVP) to focus and expand its work around student voting issues. CVP works with universities, commun...more >
  • Common Cause Hawaii

    Common Cause Hawaii


    Common Cause is a nonpartisan grassroots organization dedicated to upholding the core values of American democracy. We work to create open, honest, and accountable government that serves the public in...more >
  • Democracy NC

    Democracy NC

    Durham, NC

    We protect democracy in our state and promote citizen ownership of our government.As part of our mission to help North Carolinians achieve meaningful pro-democracy reform, Democracy North Carolina eng...more >
  • Florida Black Youth Vote

    Florida Black Youth Vote


    Black Youth Vote! is a broad based coalition of organizations and individuals committed to increasing political and civic involvement among black men and women aged 18-35....more >
  • Foot Soldiers for Democracy

    Foot Soldiers for Democracy

    Washington, DC

    Foot Soldiers for Democracy, an initiative of Black Youth Vote!, will recruit and train minority youth to serve as poll workers and poll monitors....more >
  • Get Out The Native Vote

    Get Out The Native Vote


    Get Out The Native Vote is a non-partisan effort in Alaska to mobilize Alaska Native and American Indian voters....more >
  • Open Progress

    Open Progress


    Open Progress' mission is to end the hold of big money on our government - reaching one citizen at a time. We imagine a world where our leaders are honorable and authentic. Where government is beholde...more >
  • Project Vote

    Project Vote


    Our goal is simple: to build an electorate that accurately represents the diversity of America’s citizenry. Through advocacy, litigation, and technical assistance, Project Vote is fighting to make sur...more >
  • Project Vote

    Project Vote

    Washington, DC

    Our goal is simple: to build an electorate that accurately represents the diversity of America’s citizenry. Through advocacy, litigation, and technical assistance, Project Vote is fighting to make sur...more >
  • Revive My Vote

    Revive My Vote

    Williamsburg, VA

    William & Mary Law School students and faculty, along with the Williamsburg Bar Association, started Revive My Vote in 2013 to help eligible Virginians regain the right to vote. Revive My Vote is ...more >
  • Rise and Resist and Vote

    Rise and Resist and Vote

    New York, NY

    Rise and Resist was formed in response to the 2016 U.S. election. We are a direct action group made up of both new and experienced activists committed to opposing, disrupting, and defeating any govern...more >
  • Swing Left SGV

    Swing Left SGV

    San Gabriel Valley, CA

    We are volunteers dedicated to flipping red districts blue through outreach, education, registration and getting out the vote. Fired up and ready to go in San Gabriel Valley, we are getting busy to GO...more >
  • Swing Left TX 32

    Swing Left TX 32

    Dallas, TX

    Grassroots organization set on turning TX-32 blue. Control of the House in 2018 will be decided by a handful of Swing Districts, places where the last election was decided by a thin margin. TX-32 is w...more >
  • Swing Left Va 10th

    Swing Left Va 10th


    Committed to turning Virginia's 10th Congressional District blue on November 6, 2018....more >
  • Swing Left WA08

    Swing Left WA08


    We need to flip Congress to hold Trump accountable. WA08 is winnable in 2018. Let's do it....more >
  • SwingLeft CA49

    SwingLeft CA49

    San Diego, CA

    SwingLeft CA49 is a group of San Diego residents who want to shift the balance of power in congress by helping elect a democrat to CA-49....more >
  • SwingLeft ME2

    SwingLeft ME2


    Swing Districts are places where the winner of the last House of Representatives election was determined by a thin margin. Swing Left helps you find and commit to supporting progressives in your close...more >