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  • Immigrant Families Together

    Immigrant Families Together

    Immigrant Families Together is a network of Americans committed to rapid response unification of families separated by the 'zero tolerance' policy.

  • The Center for Community Alternatives (CCA)

    The Center for Community Alternatives (CCA)

    The Center for Community Alternatives (CCA) is a leader in the field of community-based alternatives to incarceration. Our mission is to promote reintegrative justice and a reduced reliance on incarceration through advocacy, services and public policy development in pursuit of civil and human rights.

  • ArchCity Defenders

    ArchCity Defenders

    ArchCity Defenders (ACD) is a non-profit civil rights law firm providing holistic legal advocacy and combating the criminalization of poverty and state violence against poor people and people of color. ACD uses direct services, impact litigation, and policy and media advocacy as its primary tools to promote justice, protect civil and human rights, and bring about systemic change on behalf of the poor and communities of color directly impacted by the abuses of the legal system.

  • National Black Justice Coalition NBJC

    National Black Justice Coalition NBJC

    The National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC) is a civil rights organization dedicated to the empowerment of Black lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and same gender loving (LGBTQ/SGL) people, including people living with HIV/AIDS. NBJC’s mission is to end racism, homophobia, and LGBTQ/SGL bias and stigma. As America’s leading national Black LGBTQ/SGL civil rights organization focused on federal public policy, NBJC has accepted the charge to lead Black families in strengthening the bonds and bridging the gaps between the movements for racial justice and LGBTQ/SGL equality.

  • Anti Police-Terror

    Anti Police-Terror

    The Anti Police-Terror Project began as a project of the ONYX Organizing Committee. We are a Black-led, multi-racial, intergenerational coalition that seeks to build a replicable and sustainable model to eradicate police terror in communities of color. Founding coalition members include the Black Power Network, Community Ready Corps, Workers World and the Idriss Stelley Foundation. APTP is not a non-profit organization.

  • Grassroots Leadership

    Grassroots Leadership

    At Grassroots Leadership, we believe no one should profit from the imprisonment of human beings. We live in the most incarcerated society in the history of the world. Every day we confront a prison industry that preys on pain because locking people up dehumanizes all of us.

  • Decarceration Project

    Decarceration Project

    The Decarceration Project is a litigation and policy initiative of The Legal Aid Society that is dedicated to ending the mass incarceration of low-income New Yorkers, and eradicating the criminal justice system’s disproportionate impact on communities of color. The Project helps New Yorkers navigate the inequities of the money bail system and provides assistance to sentenced people who have had their sentences calculated incorrectly. It also is home to the Women’s Pretrial Release Initiative, a collaboration between Legal Aid, Fedcap and the Open Society Foundation focused on getting cis- and trans-women off of Rikers Island. The Project is the first of its kind in the country, and a national voice for changing how public defenders fight pretrial detention and end mass incarceration. In 2018, the Project was recognized as an Exemplary Project in Indigent Defense by the American Bar Association.

  • The Chicago Alliance

    The Chicago Alliance

    The National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression was founded in 1973 in Chicago, Illinois to mount organized action against unjust treatment of individuals because of race or political beliefs. Its founding grew out of the struggle to free Angela Davis from a racist frame-up on murder charges surrounding the aborted attempt by Jonathan Jackson to free his brother, George Jackson and the Soledad Brothers in 1970. The Chicago Branch, now the Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression (CAARPR), continues to struggle for justice.

  • Equality NC

    Equality NC

    Equality NC is dedicated to securing equal rights and justice for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) North Carolinians.

  • Southern Equality

    Southern Equality

    The Campaign for Southern Equality (CSE) is based in Asheville, North Carolina, and works across the South to promote full LGBTQ equality – both legal and lived. Our work is rooted in commitments to equity in race, gender and class.

  • Chicago Lawyers’ Committee

    Chicago Lawyers’ Committee

    Chicago Lawyers’ Committee was founded in 1969 as a group of civil rights lawyers and advocates working to secure racial equity and economic opportunity for all. Our vision is to root out and dismantle deeply entrenched systems of discrimination, racism, and economic oppression by using the power of the law to give voice to those most impacted by these civil rights issues.

  • Action for Justice IL

    Action for Justice IL

    We are a grassroots organization dedicated to taking meaningful action for positive change. IL14/6.

  • Northwest Immigrant Rights Project

    Northwest Immigrant Rights Project

    Northwest Immigrant Rights Project keeps families together, protects people from violence, and takes injustice to court.

  • Texas Civil Rights Project

    Texas Civil Rights Project

    With new and unprecedented threats to civil rights upon us, we use legal advocacy to empower communities and create policy change. We are Texas lawyers for Texas communities, boldly serving the movement for equality and justice in and out of the courts.

  • Brooklyn Defender Services

    Brooklyn Defender Services

    The mission of Brooklyn Defender Services is to provide high quality legal representation and related services to people who cannot afford to retain an attorney.

  • Corrections Accountability Project (CAP at UJC)

    Corrections Accountability Project (CAP at UJC)

    We work to eliminate the influence of commercial interests on our criminal legal system and end the exploitation of those it touches.

  • The Immigrant Defense Project (IDP)

    The Immigrant Defense Project (IDP)

    IDP works with immigrant defense advocates litigating criminal-immigration issues before the immigration agencies and federal courts. We also work in the state courts on post-conviction relief cases brought under Padilla v. Kentucky. We review brief drafts, advise on case theory development, participate in moots of oral arguments, and help to connect unrepresented immigrants with pro bono counsel. We frequently file amicus curiae briefs and publish practice advisories and other litigation support tools on criminal-immigration issues of broad significance.

  • Climate Defense Project

    Climate Defense Project

    The climate movement needs climate lawyers. Climate Defense Project fills a gap in the legal landscape by supporting front-line activists, pursuing climate impact litigation, and connecting attorneys with communities and campaigns. CDP’s three co-founders are recent Harvard Law School graduates. As law students, they brought the first fossil fuel divestment lawsuit, Harvard Climate Justice Coalition v. President and Fellows of Harvard College. Since graduating, they have continued to work toward a stable climate for present and future generations.

  • The National Bail Out Collective

    The National Bail Out Collective

    The National Bail Out collective is a formation of Black organizers who are committed to building a community based movement to end pretrial detention and ultimately mass incarceration. We are working to end systems of mass incarceration and support our communities. We are queer, trans, young, elder, and immigrant.