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  • Democracy for America

    Democracy for America

    Democracy for America is a member-driven, people-powered political action committee. Our mission is building and empowering a broad coalition of grassroots organizers to elect the New American Majority -- people of color and white progressives -- to fight for inclusive populism at all levels of office in all 50 states.

  • Swing Left Academy

    Swing Left Academy

    With hundreds of thousands of newly energized activists across the country ready to step up, we've seen a remarkable swell of grassroots energy when our country needs it most. How do we convert this into electoral power? How can we develop leaders that will be committed to the progressive movement for the long-term and make this a transformative moment for our politics?

    Swing Left Academy is here to answer these questions with a fresh approach to progressive organizing.

    What is it? It’s a robust training program that incorporates video content, interactive webinars, and simulcast technology to provide volunteers nationwide with essential grassroots organizing skills in a way that has never been done before.

  • Sunrise Kalamazoo

    Sunrise Kalamazoo

    We're building an army of young people to make climate change and environment a political priority in these elections!

  • Indivisible Brooklyn

    Indivisible Brooklyn

    Indivisible Brooklyn is part of the nationwide Indivisible grassroots movement and is open to all people dedicated to inclusion, tolerance and fairness. We are organizing to take political action in three areas: federal, state, and city governments. Our aim is to promote progressive policy through civic engagement, build strength in our community, and block the the regressive policies of the Trump administration.

  • Change South Dakota PAC

    Change South Dakota PAC

    We are a Political Action Committee that helps liberal candidates achieve election and re-election in South Dakota.

  • Indiana High School Democrats

    Indiana High School Democrats

    Our Mission is to spread the Democratic message to high school students across Indiana and engage them in the political process. Additionally, equip these high school Democrats with the tools they need to impact local, state, and national elections.

  • Laguna Beach Democratic Club

    Laguna Beach Democratic Club

    As the official organization for Laguna Beach Democrats, our club is dedicated to electing and supporting Democrats on the local, state and national levels. While Orange County has historically registered Republican, Democrats are now within mere percentage points of becoming the third largest Democratic county in California.

  • ACE-Naperville


    Born out of the Women’s March in January, 2017, ACE-Naperville is a progressive, grassroots group based in the western suburbs of Chicago. Our main areas of concern include health, education, and welfare; the environment; human rights; federal and state budgets; and campaigns and candidates.

  • New Democracy

    New Democracy

    New Democracy is a “home base” and support network for pragmatic Democratic leaders – governors, mayors, state officials and Members of Congress. Its mission is to expand the party’s appeal across Middle America and make Democrats competitive everywhere.

  • Grassroots Network IL

    Grassroots Network IL

    The purpose of Grassroots Network Illinois is to promote activities and provide information that supports informed citizenship and progressive values, including the following: It is the responsibility of a just society to strive for freedom, equality, and security for all its citizens. The government should represent the interests of the people, and not corporations. All individuals have different experiences, and those with privileges must listen to and stand up for those without. Grassroots Network Illinois is nonpartisan and will not endorse political candidates, however, it may provide a platform for progressive groups to share their endorsements and opinions.

  • Indivisible Ally

    Indivisible Ally

    Advocacy progressive group based in Forest Park, IL. Affiliated with Indivisible.

  • Young Dems of Illinois

    Young Dems of Illinois

    Official Illinois chapter of Young Democrats of America. Providing Dems under 36 with information and resources to engage in the political system and local community.

  • Young Democrats of America​

    Young Democrats of America​

    The Young Democrats of America (YDA) is the largest youth-led partisan political organization in America. YDA mobilizes young people under the age of 36 to participate in the electoral process, influence the ideals of the Democratic Party, and develop the skills of the youth generation to serve as leaders at the local and national level.

  • Indivisible IL-18

    Indivisible IL-18

    Grassroots effort inspired by Indivisible Guide serving the IL-18th congressional district.

  • Indivisible South Suburban Chicago

    Indivisible South Suburban Chicago

    We are a group of concerned citizens from the south suburbs of Chicago who resist the radical right wing agenda of the present administration and are committed to holding our elected officials accountable to uphold principles of economic and social justice for all Americans. We primarily reside in Congressional Districts 1,2, and 3, but welcome residents of neighboring districts as well. We hold monthly general meetings to see our events check out "Chicagoland Resistance Events" Facebook Page for our next meeting date and feel free to share those posts as that group is public. Our Mission: “We are a grassroots group working to promote tolerance, inclusion, equality, justice, and fairness in local, state and national politics.”

  • Indivisible SC 4

    Indivisible SC 4

    Indivisible in Greenville/Spartanburg, SC, resisting the Trump agenda

  • Lowcountry Indivisible

    Lowcountry Indivisible

    Lowcountry Indivisible is the Hilton Head / Bluffton SC chapter of the nationwide non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to resisting the Trump agenda.

  • Indivisible Outer Banks

    Indivisible Outer Banks

    We unite progressive citizens of the Outer Banks of North Carolina to protect and defend civil and human rights across our community, state and nation, as well as to protect our environment. We do this by creating relationships and communicating with our Members of Congress as outlined in the Indivisible Guide.

  • Indivisible Front Range Resistance

    Indivisible Front Range Resistance

    Indivisible Front Range Resistance (IFRR) is a citizen-led group representing communities along Colorado’s Front Range. IFRR is focused on local, state, and federal policy and elections and is dedicated to effecting progressive change through contacting members of Congress, social media campaigns, coordination with allied organizations, and peaceful participation in rallies, marches, and town halls. IFRR honors the Colorado way of life: one of fairness, opportunity, responsibility, freedom, and preservation of natural resources. IFRR believes that government should serve the people; that the economy should work hard for those who work hard; that every person should have the chance to succeed; that businesses who do right by their workers, communities, and the environment should be rewarded; and that everyone should have the freedom to live the lives they want.

  •  Cincinnati Indivisible

    Cincinnati Indivisible

    Cincinnati Indivisible is a youth led and youth formed nonprofit organization dedicated to opposing the Trump agenda in the Cincinnati region.