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  • #Resist Hoboken

    #Resist Hoboken


    We stand for the preservation of everyone’s basic human rights, especially those that are currently at risk....more >
  • 350 NJ

    350 NJ


    We are climate activists in New Jersey and in Rockland County, New York, who are committed to taking personal and collective action to end the climate crisis....more >
  • ACLU of New Jersey

    ACLU of New Jersey


    The ACLU of New Jersey works to defend liberty throughout our state. We are involved in litigation and advocacy on behalf of individuals, and we lobby on scores of bills in the state legislature and l...more >
  • Action 180 Jersey City

    We are a group from Jersey City who want to change the world. We plan to resist and take action to bring our country back to a democracy....more >
  • Action Together - Burlington County

    Action Together - Burlington County

    Action Together Burlington County is a volunteer, grass-roots organization of Burlington County, NJ residents who educate and advocate for legislation that protects human rights, and work to support a...more >
  • Action Together Morris County

    We are a growing grassroots group of like-minded Morris County residents who have banded together to support progressive values, groups, & candidates. ActionTogetherNJ has created resources and t...more >
  • Action Together New Jersey

    ActionTogetherNJ has created resources and tools to help support the efforts of existing groups and to provide a cohesive work place for the state. ATNJ is the LARGEST grassroots group in NJ, with a c...more >
  • Action Together NJ

    Action Together NJ


    To come together as a state to act in concert to be more effective on state legislation and elections which impact our daily lives. We are a growing grassroots group from all over the Garden State, an...more >
  • Action Together Warren County

    Action Together Warren County

    We are the Warren County chapter of Action Together New Jersey. Action Together New Jersey has created resources and tools to help support the efforts of existing grassroots groups and to provide a co...more >
  • ActivateNJ

    Grassroots group working together to let those in power know that people are caring, concerned, and taking action to preserve the accomplishments of decades....more >
  • Amazigh Cultural Association in America


    Organized and operated exclusively for cultural, educational, and scientific purposes to contribute to saving, promoting, and enriching the Amazigh (Berber) language and culture. While the heartland o...more >
  • American Federation of Teachers New Jersey, AFL-CIO


    1. Promote statewide organization and unionization of teachers and all other personnel engaged in education in order to carry out the program and policies of the AFTNJ and the AFT.2. Obtain for teache...more >
  • Andrew Goodman Foundation


    The Andrew Goodman Foundation works to make young voices and votes a powerful force in democracy. They partner with colleges and universities to cultivate civic leaders, remove voting barriers, and mo...more >
  • Asbury Park Democratic Committee

    The Asbury Park Democratic Committee is comprised of elected committeepersons - dedicated to furthering the principles of the Democratic Party in Asbury Park, engaging the community to get politically...more >
  • Bergen Indivisible for Democracy

    Bergen Indivisible for Democracy, aka BID, is a grassroots activist group devoted to promoting solidarity in a tumultuous political period. Located in NJ-9 We are a volunteer group of like-minded and...more >
  • BlueWaveNJ


    BlueWaveNJ, one of New Jersey's leading progressive organizations, is a grassroots organization working to defend and expand the principles of democracy, social justice and equal opportunity. In keep...more >
  • Bordentown Neighbors Acting Together

    Inviting respectful and thoughtful dialogue between diverse people of varying perspectives to promote civil discourse and pursue progressive human issues....more >
  • Branchburg Indivisible Activists

    We are a grassroots inclusive group of Branchburg friends & neighbors concerned with the divisive direction of our country and acting together for change. Branchburg Indivisible Activists is a gr...more >
  • Burlington County Young Democrats

    We are a political movement designed to elect Democrats and progressives of all ages across Burlington County....more >
  • Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey


    Established in 1927, the Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey (CIANJ) has approximately 950 members, from Fortune 500 companies like Hertz Corporation, Ingersoll-Rand, Continental Airlines,...more >